How to Prepare Your Home for Guests

The holiday seasons are coming, and we expect some guests to visit us during this festive season. If you are expecting guests it is important to ensure that you create an environment that is welcoming and that will make your guests feel welcomed and at home.

When you are expecting guests, it also makes you go for an extra mile so as to clean your house which makes you love your home even more. Whether it is your first time, or you have had guests before you know how important it is to ensure that the home is ready for their arrival.

The Following are some tips you can follow to prepare for guests.


  • Clean up your bathroom.

Before your guests get there, it is important to clean up your bathroom. Ensure you have set of towels stocked in your bathroom such as washing towels and also the hand wash. Also ensure that there are enough toilet papers, toothpaste and some toothbrushes in case your guests forget to carry theirs. Also, you should empty the trash can in the bathroom and clean it. It is always important to clean your toilet, and you can put toilet freshener to ensure that the bathroom remains smelling fresh.


  • Stock your kitchen.

When it comes to entertaining your guests, there is no better way than preparing them a healthy meal. You can call your guests maybe two days before they come and inquire what they would want to eat while staying in your home or if they have special diets so that you can buy them before they arrive. Also, ensure that there is enough food of all kinds to eat in the house. Provide all types of beverages are available, morning drinks and foods are available. Ensure the dishes are well organized such that the guest wouldn’t strain to access them.


  • Prepare the bedrooms.

The bedroom is another room you need to look at before the guests arrive. The bedroom is where we rest after a tiring day, and your guest will require a place to sleep. Ensure there is enough bedding to change and to use. Also ensure the bedrooms are well cleaned, the windows have clean curtains and the rooms should be well ventilated as well. Ensure the beds are comfortable for your guests to sleep in and also ensure they are enough as well. Also, ensure that the rooms have enough space for the guests to unpack and store their clothes.


  • Ensure your home has good lighting.

It is important to ensure that the home has enough lighting. In case there are guests’ rooms without lighting ensure they are fixed, also ensure the outside bulbs are functioning especially if your guests will be arriving at night. Guarantee the lighting in the house is warm and bright to allow good visibility at night.


  • Prepare the sitting area.

Ensure that the sitting area is clean there is enough space for your guests to sit. If you have fireplaces, ensure there is enough wood to light up the fire especially if it is during the cold seasons. If there are no enough seating, you can add some more or improvise sitting places like mats and inflatable seats. Just to ensure that your guests feel welcomed and pampered.


Residents Recommend The Top Things to do in France in Winter

Thinking about visiting France, but don’t know the best time to go? Choose autumn. In fall, a happy medium between sunny days and wintertime activities exist. Grape harvests, wine tasting, and cuddling close to fire are all sweet activities one can pursue during fall time in France. With fewer tourists and cheaper flight prices, France in the fall seems like a no-brainer. While you’re there, check out these great activities that are only available in autumn.

Beaujolais Nouveau Day


Other countries have annual celebrations dedicated to wine, but not many can compare to Beaujolais Nouveau Day. On the 3rd Thursday of November, the French celebrated the grape harvest with a festival with fireworks, dancing, and of course, wine. Cafes, wine bars, and bistros usually celebrate the occasion until the following morning, so feel free to explore other sites and celebrate this event later in the night.


Fête des Lumières


Le Fete des Lumières, or the Festival of Lights, celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in the city of Lyon. Around December 8th of each year, this festival illuminates the city with complex designs by famous architects and artists. Other celebrations and parties accompany this festival as well. In 2016, Fete des Lumières attracted 4 million people, proving to be one of the greatest celebrations of the year.


Strasbourg Market

The Strasbourg Christmas Market has been the biggest and most attended Christmas market for the past 400 years. Every later November to Christmas Eve, merchants sell lovely arts and crafts in the beautiful town of La Petite France. Having this market right in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral makes this a beautiful shopping experience along with having a spectacular view of the area.


Ski through the Alps’ Peaks


The Alps, the vastest mountain range in Europe crosses through 8 countries, including France. Resorts such as Les Trois Vallees, Les Portes du Soleil, and Paradiski are splendid options. Although those resorts are high-end, skiing in the United States often costs more at lower quality, so it’s best to get a bang for your best buck.


Be a Local!

If the holidays are too busy of a time, visit France in February or March. These tend to be least busy times of the year for France. France is filled with museums, restaurants, and performance venues waiting to be explored. Although fewer celebrations are going on, becoming a local is still an amazing experience. Immerse yourself in an unfamiliar country, and see how your perspective shifts. experience the effect that art pieces, fashion collections, and historical figures have had over an entire country. Make new local friends. Enjoy living as a French local and all it can possibly have to offer.

Toilet Cleaning Tips from Resident Patrice Letourneau



Cleaning a toilet is no picnic. It’s not something that anyone actually enjoys doing. If anyone enjoys doing it, he or she should do it for everyone around the world. Until we all can find someone like that, we need to be able to find a way to clean toilets to the best of our ability. The bathroom cleaning tips from resident Patrice Letourneau can hopefully help out everyone else. Some of them might work for you even if all of them don’t.


Cleaning Once a Week or More

Ideally, you should try to find a way to clean your toilet every week or so. No one wants to do that, but the more you neglect your toilet cleaning, the worse it’s going to be for you. The bacteria grime that has a tendency to form in the toilet bowl is only going to get worse, and you’re going to end up with stains that are really hard to clean.


One of the best things that you can do when it comes to addressing bathroom problems particularly toilet cleaning is to try to do it regularly enough that it’s not going to be terrible when you actually do it. Prevention beats everything, and it’s probably better to have twenty easy toilet cleaning sessions than one atrocious one.


Hydrogen Peroxide

Are you trying to find a way to clean your toilet without all of the harsh chemicals? Good for you. Those chemicals really contribute to indoor air pollution, and they’re just not pleasant to work with anyway. Fortunately, you can get some of the disinfecting work done with simple and less-dangerous hydrogen peroxide.


Just pour some simple hydrogen peroxide into your toilet, let it sit for around a half an hour, and then you flush. You’ll probably start to notice the difference right away when it comes to the smell and the actual look of the toilet.


You probably have hydrogen peroxide around the house anyway. This is one of the safest sanitizing chemicals in the world. If it’s safe enough to put on your head so you can turn yourself blonde, it’s safe enough for your toilet bowl.


Toilet Pumice Stone


You know those rings in the toilet bowl that never seem to go away no matter what you do and how much you scrub and scrub? You can’t get rid of them with just a sponge and your own arm muscles, just like you can’t get rid of corns on your feet with a wash cloth. Using a pumice stone on your own feet to get rid of corns is what works, and you can use a special toilet pumice stone.


With a toilet pumice stone, you’re probably going to be able to easily watch as the ring comes off and the toilet looks like it is completely new and clean again. If there is an odor in the toilet that won’t go away, it might actually go away at last thanks to this pumice stone.



You can use toothpaste on a lot of things other than your teeth. Some people have found that toothpaste can make pimples go away. Toothpaste can also make some of the stains in the toilet go away, and those can be even harder for people to get rid of a lot of the time.


You just have to squeeze some of the toothpaste into the toilet bowl without flushing, and then you can use the toilet brush to scrub away with it. The minty scent of the toothpaste is going to help you really freshen up your bathroom and your toilet, and the toothpaste is going to help you get rid of some of the grime that just isn’t going away without a fight. No one expects you to bring toothpaste to a fight.


You probably don’t have to worry too much about the toothpaste brand. I’ve changed toothpaste brands over and over again over the last several years, and I always used the toothpaste for cleaning out the toilet just before I bought a new tube. It seemed to work just as well each and every time.


Salt the Grapefruit

You probably never imagined cleaning the toilet with a grapefruit, even if you sometimes wanted to flush the grapefruit down the toilet if you ever tried the old grapefruit diet. Even if you really hate grapefruit, you might actually be able to find some use for it as a toilet bowl cleaner. This will make a powerful statement about your feelings about grapefruit.


All you do is rub some salt on the grapefruit. You are going to need a lot of salt, and you should try to make sure that the salt doesn’t get dissolved too much. From there, you can just start scrubbing around at the stains like the grapefruit is a sponge. The grapefruit is acidic enough to handle some stains, and the salt will eat away at a lot of the others.


The good thing about this method is that it is really easy. It’s also really good for the environment. It doesn’t get much more eco-friendly than grapefruit and salt. This plan also has the advantage of being good for your wallet. A half grapefruit barely costs anything, and you can help to get your house that much cleaner this way. Plus, after cleaning with salt and a grapefruit, your bathroom is going to have a nice citrus smell instead of the smell of harsh chemicals.


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